Color Print and the environment

Color Print is actively involved in minimising the impact of printed matter production on the environment. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our daily business practices and operations. We are licenced users of the EU Ecolabel, the Nordic Swan label, PEFC™ and FSC® and offer CO2 neutralisation of printed matter.


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FSC® C012075


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Eco-labels are very important on a daily basis – for us, for you as a publisher and for the environment. Eco-labels help to ensure that the publication has the least possible impact on the environment from paper production to recycling. Furthermore, the eco-labels promote the development of products with little environmental impact. Finally, eco-labels make it easy for the publishers to make environmentally sound choices while demonstrating their environmental awareness.
Color Print is a licenced user of the EU Ecolabel, the Nordic Swan label, PEFC™ and FSC® and offers CO2 neutralisation of printed matter.  


FSC® C012075


Environmental awareness is the future
Color Print has been working with a progressive environmental policy ever since the company first opened its doors.
Color Print’s policy is to live up to all the environmental requirements that apply to the company, and constantly to find ways to reduce environmental impact, both internally and externally.
Our internal efforts to improve occupational health and safety continuously involve stringent requirements for both environmental and safety measures, as well as improvements in our everyday operations. In addition, we apply energy-saving measures on a regular basis to minimise our impact on the surrounding environment.
The chemical products we use in our production processes have all been approved for Swan labelling. Surplus paper from production and used printing plates are sent for recycling, while residual chemical products are shipped to approved waste handlers for destruction.
Color Print A/S is licensed to apply the Swan label and the EU Ecolabel Flower, and is FSC® and PEFC™-certified.


FSC® C018021

Is printed matter harmful to forests?

  • Most paper used in Denmark comes from sustainable European forestry operations
  • Around 44% of Europe is currently covered by forests
  • Over the past five years, the European forests have increased in size by an area corresponding to nearly that of Denmark
  • And the UN is encouraging consumers to use more wood products


Is the production of printed matter harmful to the environment?

  • Since the 1990s, Danish printing houses have been global leaders within environmental management systems such as EMAS and ISO 14001
  • Currently, more than 80% of Danish printed matter is produced at Swan Label-certified printing houses
  • The Swan Label has the most stringent requirements concerning resource consumption in the production process as well as packaging and disposal
  • The Swan Label also includes requirements concerning substances in the product that harm the environment and human health


Is used printed matter waste?

  • Used printed matter is a valuable resource which can be recycled up to seven times
  • Used printed matter is used for, e.g., new paper, kitchen rolls, toilet paper and packaging
  • Used printed matter is currently in short supply and in high demand all over the world
  • In Denmark, 60% of all printed matter is collected for recycling purposes
  • The rest is used as bio fuel in Danish CHP facilities, thereby replacing fossil fuels such as coal and gas